Cheese Meal

Cheese Meal

Formulated for:

Cheese Meal

Product Specification

It is primarily used in starter diets in piglets and provides a superior amino acids profile. Highly digestible formula. Nutritionists worldwide recommend using in starter’s diets Phase I & Phase II.

Typical Nutritional Analysis

Dry Matter 90% Min
Moisture 10% Max
Crude Protein 40% Min
Fat 20% Min
Carbohydrates 30% Min

Methods of Analysis

Analysis guaranteed by the methods used under regulations:

Humidity AACC 44-19
Fat Ethyl ether AOSC 920.39
Protein AOAC 990.03


65% – 75% all natural cheese, 25% – 35% fully cooked soy flakes, preserved with antioxidant.

Recommended Use

5% minimum to 20% maximum in starter diets. Store in a clean and dry place that does not exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Container Loads filled with Bags of 50lbs. and 55lbs. multi-walled paper poly bags.