PreNat® Antioxidant

PreNat®  Antioxidant

Formulated for:

PreNat® Antioxidant

Product Specification

Natural antioxidant made of plant extracts and oils. To be used in feed and highly recommended in pet food.


Essential oils from plant extracts.


Technological feed additive.

Support and Carriers:

Lactic acid, citric acid

Aspect Characteristics:

Look: liquid
Color: Colorless/light yellow
Odor: Characteristic
Taste: Good if well diluted
Flavor Test: Fresh, characteristic

Quality Evaluation:

The GC profile obtained from the composition in object, is identified comparing the retention time against the first approved lot.

Indicative Dosage:

On all animal feed or row materials: from 300g to 2000g per one metric ton.


25 kg plastic tank, 1,000 kg bulk.


Good if the product is kept in well sealed containers and away from light, heat and humidity for 12 months.

Maximum Dosage:

10 kg per metric ton.