Logistics and transportation of Container Cargo ship and Cargo plane with working crane



We take pride of our reputation in the global markets, where we provide our customers and associates with Feed solutions that are consistent in quality, and whose prices are always in the competitive side.

Sanitary Registration of Raw Materials

We can work jointly with the importer of our goods to conduct registration of any raw material with the country’s local sanitary authorities, mainly in LATAM countries.

Strategic Financing

Our goal is to help and be part of your growth strategy , whether you are an end-user or a distributor, we provide strategic financing support sourcing and delivering raw materials at your doorstep , while you’re focussed on production and/or market development.


Our logistics team holds 30+ years of experience working container and truck loads, consolidated product in pallets, bulk vessel and barges. As our company takes ownership of the raw materials we negotiate for certain shipment periods, we arrange the complete logistical process from moving the material out of the producer’s plant, bagging the product and handling the drayage into the port or shipping locations.

Whether you’re buying raw materials from us , or you simply have goods to be shipped into a specific location , we can arrange the complete shipping process at a competitive rate.

Technical support

Formulating the right diet for the various animal species is a team effort , and Eccofeed provides on demand assistance with our certified Consultants who are specialized in Animal Science with minimum 25+ years of experience in the field,  per animal category whether is in Poultry, Swine, Ruminants, Pet food and Aquaculture. We can help you with your existing formulation or customize the right one to achieve your goals.