Bypass Fat

Bypass Fat

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Bypass Fat

Product Specification

ECCO’S Bypass Fat is a calcium salt of long chain fatty acids manufactured by Tarome Incorporated. Tarome’s proprietary manufacturing process ensures that ECCO’S Bypass Fat contributes calcium salts of long chain fatty acids of the highest purity. ECCO’S Bypass Fat is a safer, concentrated energy source that will not interfere with rumen fermentation. Calcium salt energy supplements have consistently demonstrated nutritional benefits when cows require rations of increased energy density. Nutritionists and progressive dairymen can utilize ECCO’S Bypass Fat to improve their feed formulations, maximize milk production and increase profitability. The enhanced dietary energy gained when feeding ECCO’S Bypass Fat can also improve body condition and reproduction.


Typical Nutritional Analysis

Crude Fat 82.5% Min.
Calcium 8.0% Min.
Calcium 9.5% Max.
Moisture 5-7%



Calcium salts of long chain fatty acids, BHT and Citric Acid (as preservatives.


Typical Fatty Acid Profile

Palmitic (16-0) 42-50%
Stearic (18-0) 3-8%
Oleic (18-1) 35-40%
Linoleic (18-2) 9-13%


Energy Values

Net Energy of Lactation – 2.96 Mcal/lb



ECCO’S Bypass Fat is available in 50 lb. bet weight multi-walled bags, palleted and stretch wrapped, bulk and in one (1) ton poly bags.


Bulk Density

The bulk density of ECCO’S Bypass Fat is 28-32 pounds per cubic foot, to assure uniform mixing in most situations.


Handling Information

ECCO’S Bypass Fat is granular, dry, free flowing and will not melt or freeze during storage. It is stable and well adapted for pelleting.


Feeding Suggestions

ECCO’S Bypass Fat brand calcium salts of long chain fatty acids has been designed for use whenever energy is limiting in ruminant rations. Its high content of net energy for lactation of 2.96 Mcal/lb. is ideal for use during negative energy balance periods such as high milk production, first calf heifer rations, heat, cold and other environmental stress conditions.

ECCO’S Bypass Fat should be fed at a rate of 0.5 lb. to 2.0 lbs. per cow per day to meet the necessary energy requirements of the high producing cow. As with all changes in feed formulation a gradual introduction of a new feed ingredient is most beneficial.

When balancing ration containing ECCO’S Bypass Fat keep in mind that levels of protein, particularly rumen undegradable protein, must be consistent with available energy.