Forage Oats

Forage Oats

Formulated for:

Forage Oats

Product Specification

Product: Oat Whole grain


Nutritional composition

Protein 14.0 %
Moisture 13.0 %
Crude Fiber 2.5 %
Density 40 – 50 kg/ hl
Energy 266 Kcal/100g


Organoleptic Characteristics

Color : Clear mahogany


Odor and flavor : Characteristic of Avena Sativa, no odors, no strange flavors or undesirable.


Use and benefit

The cereal is used mainly to feed Cattle , forage plant and in less quantities for human nutrition due to its high energy contribution.


Type of Packing and Labeling

Polypropylene and thermo-laminated bags, new and machine-sewed , 40 to 50 kg in container loads.



Exporter’s name
Product name
Manufacturing Date
Net Weight
Country of Origin


Distribution Method

Flat Truck and/or export container