Forlife® Colostrum

Forlife® Colostrum

Formulated for:

Forlife® Colostrum

Complementary feed for animals.


Proteins of Colostrum from first milk, stearate magnesium, lactose.


Chemical Analysis

Moisture 0.00%
Protein 80.00%
Total Globulin 60.00 – 70.00%
Fat 1.41.0%
Ash 1.90%
Raw Fiber 0.00%


Organoleptic Specification

Parameter Method Value
Colour Visual White
Appearance Visual Powder
Odour Olfactory Characteristic


Recommended Doses

Sole source of Colostrum IgG: 1 tablet at calving, 1 tablet 24 hours after

Supplements for mother’s colostrum, farm’s colostrum, following depressed phatologies: 1 tablet



Unit: 1.2g / tablet
Box: 6 tablets – net weight: 7.2g



Keep in cold and dry place and repaired from direct heat sources (not to exceed the 25°C of temperature).