Mix Oil® Liquid

Mix Oil® Liquid

Formulated for:

Mix Oil® Liquid

Product Specification



Characteristic note due to a well balanced blend of essential oil obtained by natural oils.


Legal Aspects:

This flavor is in accordance with Directive 70/524/EEC. Flavoring and appetizing substances, all natural products and corresponding synthetic products. All components are notified as sensory additives, flavoring compounds, following the Regulation n°1831/2003/CE





Support and additives:

Vinegar , Citric Acid


Flavor Characteristics:

Look: liquid
Color: light green / green
Odor: characteristic
Taste: good if well diluted


Flavor Test:

0.1g of flavoring diluted in 500g of water with 5% of sugar, must give the same note as the sample of the first approved stock.


Quality Evaluation:

The GC profile obtained with the flavor’s principle extracted from the composition in object, is identified comparing the retention time against the first approved lot.


Indicative Dosage:

On all animals : from 100g to 200g per one metric ton of drinking water.



1kg plastic bottle , 25kg bucket , 1,00kg bulk.



Good if the flavoring is kept in well sealed containers and away from light, heat, and humidity for 12 months.


Maximum Dosage:

1 kg per 1,000 liters of drinking water.