Mix Oil® Powder

Mix Oil® Powder

Formulated for:

Mix Oil® Powder

Product Specification



Characteristic note due to a well balanced blend of essential oil obtained by natural oils.


Legal Aspects:

This flavor is in accordance with Directive 70/524/EEC. Flavoring and appetizing substances, all natural products and corresponding synthetic products. All components are notified as sensory additives, flavoring compounds, following the Regulation n°1831/2003/CE





Support and additives:

Salt (NaCl), E 551 Silicon Dioxide , Citric Acid


Flavor Characteristics:

Look: fine powder
Color: light yellow
Odor: characteristic
Taste: good if well diluted


Flavor Test:

0.1g of flavoring diluted in 500g of water with 5% of sugar, must give the same note as the sample of the first approved stock.


Quality Evaluation:

The GC profile obtained with the flavor’s principle extracted from the composition in object, is identified comparing the retention time against the first approved lot.


Indicative Dosage:

On all animals : from 100g to 200g per one metric ton of finished feed.



20kg metallized polyester bag.



Good if the flavoring is kept in well sealed containers and away from light, heat, and humidity for 12 months.


Maximum Dosage:

1 kg per 1 ton of finished feed.