Soy Protein Concentrate

Soy Protein Concentrate

Formulated for:

Soy Protein Concentrate

Product Specification

Typical Analysis:

Moisture 10% Max
Protein 60% Min
Fat 2% Max
Ash 6% Max
Lysine 6.20
Methionine 1.30
Cystine 1.40
Threonine 4.10
Arginine 7.50
Histidine 2.80
Serine 5.40
Glutamic Acid 18.60
Tryptophan 1.30
Isoleucine 4.70
Leucine 7.90
Phenylalanina 5.20
Aspartic Acid 11.40
Valine 4.80
Proline 5.20
Glycine 4.30
Alanine 4.20
Tyrosine 3.70
Ingredients: Soy
Additives: Antioxidants


General Description:

Appearance Product fine granulated light brown
Odor Typical
Storage Store at an ambient temperature in a dry place. It shall perform periodic testing to evaluate the parameters quality and safety of the product


Expiration Date

12 month over production date



Container Loads with Big bag of approximate 1,2 Ton., bags of 50 kg or bulk


Microbiological Characteristics:

Salmonella Absent
Fecal Coliforms Absent
Total Coliforms Absent
E. coli Absent