Wheat Middlings

Wheat Middlings

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Wheat Middlings

Product Specification


Wheat Middlings obtained from the milling of wheat in the process of the production of wheat flour.


Typical Nutritional Analysis

Protein 13.00% min.
Moisture 13.00% max.
Fiber 8.0% – 9.0%
Fat 3.0% – 5.0%
Ash 5.0% max.


Physical Properties

Color Between a choloate red to clear, depending  on the class of wheat milled.
Odor Fresh and not rancid, nor contains large particles.
Density 19-25 lbs/ft.
Uniformity Each lot must be uniform in color, milling and  composition.


Additional Requirements

Mico Toxin: Don (Diacetoxyscripenol, vomitoxin): 5ppm max.