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The Use Of Hydrolyzed Feathermeal In Mushroom Growth to obtain High Yields

March 22, 2023

In order to get maximum yields of mushrooms per ton of compost, growers add extra nutrients to the compost. This may be in the form of hydrolyzed feathermeal, formaldehyde de-natured Soya products, lipids and protein mixtures with calcium/amine salts of carboxylic acids.

These supplementary nutrients, in particular the Feathermeal, are normally added at a rate of from two to four percent on the weight of compost. It is essential to mix the supplementary nutrient very evenly throughout the compost bed. Any area with excess supplement could cause overheating effects and result in reduced yield and mycelium kill.

Areas with little or no supplement will of course not produce any yield increase.

Eccofeed’s Hydrolized Feathermeal is obtained in a fully dedicated line by pressure-cooking with hydrolysis (133ºC, 20 minutes, 3 bar), grinding and sieving of fresh feathers collected from poultry processing plants. With particle size of approximately 2.5 mm and density of 0,7, our feathermeal offers 13% Nitrogen, in a slow release form during the growth cycle of the mushroom.

Our current field results (information shared by one of our customers in Canada), while using Eccofeed’s hydrolized Feathermeal, they’re obtaining yields in production of about 3%, which are quiet significant in large production scale whether organic or conventional.

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