Chicken Fat

Chicken Fat

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Chicken Fat

Product Specification

The oil is extracted from meat by thermal processing after cooking. The raw material for oil extraction include viscera, industrial cuts and bones of birds and pigs. The cooking process is conducted at temperatures of 105°C to 120°C, the separation of phases is performed by means of a horizontal centrifuge. The product has been protected with Renderox EX, formulated with BHT, BHA, Ethoxyquin, Citric Acid. This same antioxidant is incorporated into the fresh raw material which is sold in bulk in tanks provided by the client.


Chemical Requirements

Oleic Acid Index < 3.0%
Moisture < 1.0%
Peroxide Index < 2.0 meq/kg lipids
Impurities < 1.5%
Fusion Point 32.0°C
Odor Flavor Not rancid


Shelf Life

Best before 90 days



Container Loads in Bulk, packaged in tanks supplied by the customer. Store at temperatures below 35°C preferably in stainless steel tanks clean and dry.


Other Requirements

In particular cases requested by the client.