Wheat Gluten

Wheat Gluten

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Wheat Gluten

Wheat Gluten is a water insoluble protein obtained from milled wheat after aqueous extraction and subsequent drying.



Moisture max. 8.00 g/100g Reg (EC) No 152/2009, app III, A
Protein (Nx6.25) min. 82.00g/100g d.m. Reg (EC) No 152/2009, app III, C
Crude Ash max. 1.00 g/100g d.m. Reg (EC) No 152/2009, app III, M (550° C)


Microbiological Parameters

Total Mesophilic Bacteria (aerobes) max. 10,000 cfu/g ISO 4833
Yeasts max. 500 cfu/g ISO 21527
Moulds max. 500 cfu/g ISO 21527
Enterobacteriaceae max. 1000 cfu/g ISO 21528
Salmonella negative / 25g ISO 6579


Additional Information

Appearance Cream colored powder
Fat Total max 8 g/100g (Reg (EC) No 152/2009), app III, H (acid hydrolysis))
Particle size ≥ 0.2 mm max 4 g/100g (DIN 66165 method F)
Water Binding Capacity approx. 140-170 g/100g (based on AACC 56-30)
Intended Use Feed material suitable for fish, pet food or calves as part of daily ration.
HS / Customs Code 1109 0000
Packaging Bulk, Big Bags, 25kg bags (on pallets)
Recommended Original (unopened) packaging
Storage Conditions In a dry (< 60% relative humidity), cool place (< 20°C)
Shelf Life 36 months from date of production under recommended storage conditions